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Jagger Brewer

I was given a opportunity for a job transfer to Nebraska at a in opportune time in my life and Kate saved me. The week my son was due to arrive my company offered my dream transfer to Nebraska but it came with a big hardship. A 2 month deadline, this meant i really had 1 shot, arrive in Nebraska view my options and choose quickly. I heard of Kate through a prior client of hers, i was told “if you are buying a house in Nebraska i have Thee girl”. I called right away and spent literally 5 minutes on the phone (its all i could spend away from wife during a doctor visit). I gave strict parameters, price, land, home requirements and most of all a limited 50 mile radius for my jobs request. Later that evening i had 10 options to pick from with a note that said, “and thats just what i can think of at the moment”. What i didn’t know is she had accepted my call mid volleyball game and was busy doing her coach/mom duties and took a hot second to shoot me those homes. At that point she had my business. I never repeated myself or had to over explain, she understood me and my family’s needs and the gravity of our timeline. I came to look at homes for a week and by Wednesday she was helping me make a offer on a home. By Thursday we were home owners. Once i left she followed thru on all my inspections and paperwork. My home buying process was really as easy saying what i needed, seeing what she found, siging, and moving in. Thank you Kate! You helped me do the impossible and took away all the stress of the process. My 11pm stress phone calls about the obscurities were never met with any but calm attitude and positivity and for that we are forever grateful. I hope to never leave our home, but if we ever do we know who to call first thing!